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Human Plus. The 12th Spencer Day Regatta

News - 10 August 2022

Here at Spencer & Lewis, we believe in the Human Plus and build the value added that the people who work for us and with us, can give every day.

Only by providing opportunities to grow within the company both humanly and culturally will we succeed in making work environments emotionally safe and relaxed places.

People are the central point of Spencer & Lewis, every day we strive to create a work environment based on happiness, esteem and trust, and it is important for this reason to take care of the level of energy and well-being also, and above all, through initiatives and projects that help and enable our Humans to develop that Plus that makes the difference within a work environment.

Therefore, every day we try to form a cohesive and collaborative group to ensure that the work environment is always relaxed, to cultivate motivation and empowerment, and to make everyone aware of how to manage conflicts and emotions within the company.


The 12th Spencer Day: a regatta!

To cultivate organizational development and inter-group cohesion, on the occasion of the 12th Spencer Day - 2021, we chose to "challenge" each other in an epic Team Building sailing regatta, a Match Race Regatta organized by Monina Corporate Sailing.

Why the Sailboat? Because communication and collaboration are the two basic pillars of sailing, as well as in business. Above all, it is a team effort where personal initiatives are banned; if you do not cooperate, the sails will not inflate and the boat will not move. Cohesion is essential, we need to help each other, trust others, be able to deal with critical issues and make decisions very quickly, everyone's commitment to the common good.

The sailing event allowed us to get closer first as people and then as colleagues therefore to get to know each other, to collaborate and to spend why not, also a different, fun and intense day. This was the first but not the last event together that definitely opened the door for new and exciting team building and collaboration challenges.




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