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Campagna "Estate Sicura" CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA

For the Italian Red Cross, Spencer & Lewis signed the commercials for the “Safe Summer” summer communication campaign. The three entertaining episodes teach how to experience the warmer season without health risks.

Three short and entertaining pills starring an absent-minded dad, a fussy geek, and an OPSA (Operatore Polivalente per il Salv salvataggio in Acqua) of the Italian Red Cross. The latter explains with simplicity the few rules of behavior at the beach that allow us to avoid serious health consequences.

The “Safe Summer” campaign is an opportunity to highlight the commitment and professionalism with which the more than 13,000 OPSAs of the Italian Red Cross operate. Just in 2018 CRI celebrates its first 25 years of operation. Operators specialize in assistance, search and rescue during emergencies or disasters and bring help to anyone in distress. This happened, for example, during the Genoa floods of 2011 and 2014, when many people were rescued.

In addition to the commercials, the campaign also includes the support of the portal, the dissemination of a vademecum, the organization of offline events at affiliated bathing facilities, and the graphic design by Spencer & Lewis of dissemination materials such as posters and leaflets.