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Guerrilla Marketing - #HeyRomA Mercedes-Benz

For Mercedes Benz we created #HeyRomA, guerrilla marketing activities to support the launch of thecompany‘s new A-Class. The action included a teaser video.

Multiple picturesque places in Rome served as locations for the action.

  • San Lorenzo in Lucina;
  • Stone Square;
  • the beautiful Spanish Steps;
  • Janiculum;
  • Our Lady of the Mountains;
  • Milvian Bridge;
  • the courthouse;
  • Trilussa Square.

These places were given voice by Mercedes Benz. Thanks to 100 markers placed in the 8 chosen squares, the inhabitants and tourists of the Eternal City, by framing the QR Code, were able to discover the history of that particular place through a video signed Mercedes.

The action was a great success, with over 19 thousand views of the teaser video.