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Ploom Digital Press Event
JTI Italia (Japan Tobacco International Italia)
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Digital Press Event JTI Italia (Japan Tobacco International Italia)

On October 22, 2020, JTI announced its entry into the Italian heated tobacco market with its new high-tech product Ploom. For the occasion, a fully digital and interactive national press presentation event was held in line with the brand’s values of technology, innovation and the future.

Thus was born the Ploom Digital Press Event, created with the collaboration of partner Luther Design, an online event that transformed a product launch into an immersive experience for the viewer.

The digital event held was a first-of-its-kind event that turned restrictions due to the historical moment into opportunities for innovation. Together with JTI, we experimented with a new way of enhancing its corporate values and dialogue with the press target – the protagonist of a specific Q&A moment – that positions the brand at the center, ready to offer its interlocutors exciting, cross-media experiences.

The Ploom Digital Press Event was led by innovation guru and Linkedin Top Voice 2020 Rudy Bandiera. Together with him Gian Luigi Cervesato, President and CEO of JTI Italia and Giacomo Merli, Marketing Director of JTI Italia.

Spencer & Lewis managed all PR activities of the launch event and online and offline brand communication. Coordinating all press office and media relations activities.

With more than 50 releases and nearly 10 million users reached, Ploom’s launch event allowed the full potential of the new product to be known, positioning JTI as a company that can successfully adapt to the challenges of contemporary communication.