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Lancio PlayStation Now Sony Interactive Entertainment Italy

PlayStation Now is Sony PlayStation ‘s unreleased streaming service. It makes available to users a large catalog of more than 600 titles, belonging to the latest Sony Interactive Entertainment branded game systems, namely PS4, PS3 and PS2.

The novelty of the package mainly concerns one aspect: all content can, for the first time, be enjoyed via streaming. Thus, the obligation to completely unload the product is absent.

Launch event

A service launch event was held on March 11, 2019, with two objectives. Celebrating, after an initial approach on American soil, the European and Italian arrival of the subscription and communicating the main features of a new way of enjoying video games. In fact, PlayStation Now is shaped as a service more focused on technological evolution and renewed consumer habits.

Spencer & Lewis was responsible for engaging both mainstream and trade press and influencers. Through integrated communication, which blended Pr, TV Radio Media Relations, and Digital Pr, the event achieved excellent results.

150 newspapers were involved with a total of as many as 172 issues and a total audience of 2,755,476,953.

The strategy is specifically designed to communicate precise messages. The extensive and multifaceted coverage is designed to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of media exposure.