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Influencer Marketing

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Spencer & Lewis has always placed important attention to the digital world by planning and governing campaigns and communication strategies that have their natural online declination. From simple to more complex communication campaigns, through influencer marketing strategies and branded content.

For a decade, Spencer & Lewis has been building and governing online campaigns for high-profile customers, both corporate and product, thanks to a dedicated team that deals with relationships with every level of influencer on a daily basis, succeeding in building effective influencer marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing 2

Mapping of the most influential influencers that may be involved in the project, thanks to the consolidated use of proprietary tools and third parties.

Profiling of the influencers identified so as to distinguish the so-called “paid” actions from the organic and spontaneous ones. Finally, to come up with a strategy of involvement that does not end with the publication of posts, photos or videos, but that lives over time, thanks to the management of the content and the mechanics of involving the customer base of each influencer.

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