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In 1932 when the recession clouded the world economy, Mark Spencer, a young social science graduate from Chicago University, challenged the Depression. His optimism pushed him to bet on the future.

Spencer offered his financial services door by door to all the businessmen who had survived the Depression. His philosophy was quite simple: “tell me what you sell and I will make sure that people come to buy”. This strategy, obviously, worked fine because within two years he had among his clients Waldorf Astoria, the White Horse Taxi Company and the Biscuit Chain German Lewis.








It was his encounter with Robert, German Lewis’ nephew that changed both their lives. Robert Lewis detested the idea of having to spend his life amid flour, yeast and vanilla.

So during 1937 Spencer & Lewis was founded in Montreal and from that moment on it was a success story for the two enterprising young men. Among their first clients, the OTN (Organisation du Tourisme de Niagara) and Anonyme Papeterie du Quebec, one of the most important producers of paper for newspapers.

Spencer & Lewis continued to grow until 1956 when Mark died. Robert Lewis continued the business until he was 72 and in 1968 he liquidated the Company.

Nevertheless the Spencer & Lewis brand remained in the Lewis family; then it changed hands many times in the following years, finally, the brand it was bought by a group of young Italians.

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1932, Mark Spencer, after the great crisis of '29, begins his career

1935, Mark Spencer meet Robert Lewis

1957, death of Mark Spencer

1968, Robert Lewis liquidates the Agency

the brand remains the property of the Lewis family