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Spencer & Lewis - Relazioni Pubbliche e Ufficio Stampa
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Public Relations, Press Office and Communication Agency

Spencer & Lewis is a Public Relations, Press Office and Communication Agency that builds and enhances the visibility of companies, institutions, associations and people.

The most important value for Spencer & Lewis is customer satisfaction, one based upon a communication and public relations path that is  both functional to the objective and oriented towards the market. To do this, a close relationship is needed between Customer and Agency in order to study of the public relations strategy best suited to provide the widest visibility.
“Tell me what you sell and I will make sure that people come to buy”.

It is by following this creed that in 1932, Mark Spencer set out to reach the final customer by taking advantage of the most innovative advertising techniques available at the time. After 80 years, this is the same philosophy that moves Spencer & Lewis in the communication market.

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Spencer & Lewis

Via dei Magazzini Generali, 16 – 00154 – Rome
Ph. 06.45582893
Fax. 06.45582894

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