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Evento di lancio EasyPol

On November 27, 2019, the app was presented to the press at the Swiss corner in Milan.

EasyPol allows you to pay fines, utility bills, municipal and non-municipal taxes, and Asl tickets through payment circuits PagoPa. The app offers a convenient and fast payment service that can be made via smartphone.

In fact, it is sufficient to frame the QR Code of the notice and pay it via debit, credit or prepaid cards.

The ‘app aims to offer potential customers one of the highest European safety standards combined with environmental concern. In fact, among the features of the application there is archiving automatic receipts into a digital folder that aims to cut down on paper consumption.

During the presentation event, the EasyPol team explained the goals of the app. The main one is to reduce the waiting time in line to make payments toward the Public Administration. In fact, this is precisely where EasyPol’s project started: making sure that people waste as little time as possible.

Spencer & Lewis managed all Pr and Digital Pr activities for the launch event and daily handles online and offline brand communication.

At the launch of the app, the Spencer & Lewis team coordinated both all the press office e media relations as well as those of Social Media Management, managing live posts, live feeds and interviews from the event.

With more than 70 releases and nearly 9 million users reached, EasyPol’s launch event allowed the full potential of the new application to be known.