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"Connect" - Acea Rebranding Event ACEA

To launch Acea Spa‘s new logo and corporate image, the “CONNECT” event was held in Rome on March 15, 2017.

The event was held at the Acea Industrial Space and was organized by Spencer & Lewis in collaboration with Y&R Rome.

The theme of the evening was tracing Acea’s history to arrive at presenting its future, in terms of corporate values and vision, centered on 3 key words: Talent, Connection, and Innovation.

“Connect” celebrated the achievement of important goals, the result of the work and passion of Acea’s women and men.

These 3 concepts were exemplified and contextualized through speeches by President Dr. Catia Tomasetti and CEO Dr. Alberto Irace.

Emotional videos were shown in support of the speeches, all accompanied by artistic performances. Hosting the evening was radio host and presenter Andrea Delogu.

For the artistic performances, some talents from the TV program “Italia’s Got Talent” were chosen who were able to present mini shows with great emotional impact.

Representing Talent was Raffaele Damen, an eclectic accordionist who presented a jazz improvisation.

Dancers Marco and Elisa presented a 2-step entitled “The Infinite Kiss,” through which they represented Connection.

Lux Arcana, a group of performers specializing in juggling with LED technology, ultimately represented Innovation.

Closing the evening was the vocal group Elephant Claps whose energy involved the audience in the final greetings and accompanied the opening of the food moment.

A live director followed the entire event, managing to alternate between dedicated video content, including the TV commercial and logo animation prepared for the occasion, and live footage of the performances.